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Why Use Roadrunner Limousine Airport Car Service?

100% Customer Satisfaction! Roadrunner Limousine is Ozone Park, New York’s largest and most trusted airport ground transportation provider. Why are we so popular? It’s because we know how to provide the best customer service. On top of having exemplary driving records, our drivers are also required to pass FBI criminal background checks. We present well-dressed, experienced professionals who will cater to your every need. Prompt pickups and drop-offs are a certainty with us – it is our policy at Roadrunner Limousine transportation for our vehicles to arrive on location 10 minutes prior to every scheduled pickup time.

Great Flat Rates! Our town car flat rate fares to and from Ozone Park and the LaGuardia Airport (LGA) or John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) are most often less than taxis charge for the same service. So, why take a taxi when you can travel to the airport in comfort and style in any one of our luxury vehicles.


A Luxurious Vehicle Fleet. Whether you are a traveling couple, single executive or a large group, Roadrunner has the right vehicle for you. Depending on the number of passengers, Roadrunner Limousine’s fleet offers town cars, limousines, SUV’s, passenger vans and even 30+ passenger coaches. All our vehicles are clean, private and comfortable late model luxury vehicles equipped with GPS Navigation systems. So, why take a cramped taxi from Ozone Park to LGA or JFK when Roadrunner Limousine’s luxury vehicles await you?

Easy Reservation Process. For immediate personal service, call Roadrunner Limousine transportation on the telephone, or if it is more convenient, you can access our online reservation system to book quick reservations. Experience additional service by signing up for an online account that will preserve your personal preferences, allow you to monitor your reservation history and print reservation receipts/confirmations. Quotes can also be requested online followed by prompt e-mail response. Roadrunner limo transportation services will always send you e-mail confirmation and payment receipt for your verification and business expensing.

Member in good standing with the National Limousine Association (NLA). Our commitment to high industry standards and consistent delivery of quality transportation service in Ozone Park is reflected in our NLA membership.

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Are you a Traveling Executive?

Roadrunner Limousine provides exceptional service to its executive clients traveling in Ozone Park, New York. Our executive guests expect convenient, reliable and comfortable transportation to or from Ozone Park and the LaGuardia or JFK Airports. We pride ourselves on working effectively with an executive’s travel coordinators and assistants to provide optimum service, making everyone’s job easier. For them, we offer a state-of-the-art online booking and account monitoring system accompanied by a highly trained staff to create and execute the most sophisticated travel plans that a busy executive or corporate group might require.

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First Time Coming to Ozone Park, New York – Did You Know?

An economic depression hit in 1870, causing residents of New York City to look for cheaper and better housing opportunities in Manhattan and Brooklyn suburbs. Partners, Benjamin W. Hitchcock and Charles C. Denton, were the first to turn farmland into building lots, and they were able to because of their wealth and extensive capital. The Long Island Rail Road began service through the area in 1880 on route from Long Island City to Howard Beach and brought development to the area. Ozone Park originated in 1882, with the name chosen to “lure buyers with the idea of refreshing breezes blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean to a park-like community.”, and it was considered the country to everyone in Manhattan.

The period of 1920–1930, brought extensive housing construction, with homes featuring enclosed front porches, open back porches and stained-glass windows in living rooms. Many were detached or semi-and roughly built to the same plan of the living room, dining room and kitchen all in line and 3 bedrooms and one bath upstairs, with stairs usually coming off of the dining room.

Ozone Park is an upper middle class neighborhood in the southwestern section of the Queens, New York City borough that borders Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Howard Beach, and City Line, Brooklyn. Its western border is the county line with Brooklyn, and it is the home of the Aqueduct Racetrack, which is a track for Thoroughbred racing.

Immigrants from Latin America, South Asia, the West Indies, and South America moved in at the turn of the 21st century and brought a diverse atmosphere to the neighborhood, seen especially along 101st Avenue and Liberty Avenue near the border with Richmond Hill. The neighborhood is still mostly Italian-American, yet the new arrivals have made Ozone Park one of the fastest-growing and most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. There is a large Hispanic population in Ozone Park that seems to concentrate in the northern portion of the neighborhood near the Woodhaven border. The African-American minority is spread throughout the neighborhood.

The current ground level of Ozone Park rises about four feet higher than the original ground level due to avenues and cross streets that were raised above ground level and the basements that were set on ground level with land back filled around the houses. These older houses that were at the original ground level now look “sunken”. They are found at the south side of Sutter Avenue between 83rd and 85th streets.

The Rockaway Boulevard station is a major junction between trains heading towards the Ozone Park-Lefferts Boulevard station and those moving towards Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue, which can be a confusing or unknown detail for tourists on their way to JFK Airport on that line.

Interesting things about the area’s happenings are: All in the Family’s – 1970s TV sitcom – principals, Archie and Edith Bunker, had some cousins who lived in Ozone Park; Getting Gotti, the 1994 TV film starring Lorraine Bracco, is based on real life Diane Giacalone, who grew up in Ozone Park and watched first-handed as Gotti rose to power on the streets of Ozone Park, eventually becoming Assistant US Attorney with a case built up against him; The The King Of Queens, TV sitcom, often has scenes in which the old United Artists Cross Bay movie theatre on Rockaway Boulevard can be seen.

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